Thursday, July 30, 2009

Father/Son Campout 2009 Details

Greetings! Welcome to our new site; We're gearing up for our first-ever father/son campout.

Join us September 18-20, 2009 when Norm Wakefield, author of Equipping Men, Anchored in Christ, and Walking Worthy, will speak to our men, young men, and men-in-training as they face the challenges of roughing it in midwest Georgia. In a culture where wimpy immature men are the standard, we'll be challenged to fight against the current trends to take our place as heads of our home and learn how to train our sons to do the same as Godly men of the Word.

There will also be physical challenges for our men to participate in as they choose: tug-o-war, ultimate frisbee, softball, capture the flag, and relay races. And we're pretty sure a corn toss tournament will be organized soon after arrival.

If you can get here, and can figure out some means of sleeping for a couple of nights (tent, pop-up, RV, etc.) the event is free! A love offering will be taken to help defray costs and bless Mr. Wakefield. Friday and Saturday the dinner meal will be provided for our campers but other meals will need to be furnished on their own. If this piques your curiosity or excites you and you have more questions or would like to register, please email us at: or

See you there!!